Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it work?

  1. Set your goal target, duration and monthly savings amount
  2. Make the first deposit towards your goal securely, powered by RazorPay
  3. All your next deposits will happen automatically via AutoPay
  4. Once your goal is completed, your money will be returned in your linked bank account
  5. Make your purchase at the partner store of your choice (offline or online)
  6. Upload your invoice on Tortoise and get your cashback credited into your account instantly

Can I combine this with other offers?

  1. Yes, the Tortoise cashback is over and above all other offers available at the partner stores

What if I want to cancel my goal?

  1. You can cancel your goal anytime and your savings will be transferred back within seconds. Your cashback earned will however be fortefid.

Where is my money kept?

  1. Your savings money is safely kept in an RBI licensed bank account with Razorpay

Why should I not save in my bank account?

  1. Tortoise gives you ~10X higher returns than bank interest.
  2. Compared to saving INR 10,000 in a Bank or Mutual Funds for 6 months
Bank RD @ 5% returns p.a.
INR 625
Mutual Funds @ 12% returns p.a.
INR 1500
Tortoise Cashback
INR 6,000